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Cumbus Zeynel Abidin

Cumbus Zeynel Abidin


The cumbus is a Turkish stringed instrument of relatively modern origin. It was developed in 1930 by Zeynel Abidin Cümbüş as an oud-like instrument that could be heard as part of a larger ensemble. 
It is shaped like an American 
banjo, with a spun-aluminum resonator bowl and skin soundboard. A
lthough originally configured as an oud, the instrument has been converted to other instruments by attaching a different set of neck and strings. This model is the standard fretless cümbüş is fretless. The neck is adjustable, allowing the musician to change the angle of the neck to its strings by turning a screw.

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Weight 1.5000
Brand Zeynel Abidin
Made in Turkey
Bag Not padded
Warranty Description 1 year against any manufacturing defect
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