Armenian Duduk
    Armenian Duduk

    Armenian Duduk


    The duduk is an Armenian musical instrument with a double reed like the oboe that can be found in many neighboring countries. In 2005, UNESCO proclaimed “Duduk and its music” to the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.



    The Armenian duduk is a wind musical instrument, made from top quality apricot wood. With its deep and melancholy sound, the Armenian duduk is perfect for musicians looking to express strong and intense emotions. Exceptional build quality ensures long life and premium sound for outstanding performance. The compact size of this instrument makes it an ideal choice for musicians on the go who seek authentic sound in a convenient format. The Armenian duduk is a must-have musical instrument for all lovers of traditional Armenian music. Discover the unique and moving sound of the Armenian duduk and let yourself be transported into a world of haunting melodies.

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