Duduk Premium Nurwind
    Duduk Premium Nurwind
    Duduk Premium Nurwind

    Duduk Premium Nurwind


    Beautiful Duduk Nurwind from Armenia. We have selected for you the best duduks in the world according to many professional players. These Premium duduks are specially selected, made from aged apricot wood, perfectly in tune and have a more pronounced and melodious sound than a classic duduk. The duduk comes with an exceptional reed for easy playing.

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    We are proud to present the Nurwind Professional Armenian Duduk. Over the past decade, Master Manvel Mnatsakanyan has worked to perfect the centuries-old Armenian Duduk. Combining the spiritual experience of Duduk and Western innovation, we are proud to present to you one of the best professional Armenian Duduks and reeds in the World.

    The Duduk reed is a large double reed measuring approximately 7.5 by 2.5 cm. Thanks to the expertise of Master Manvel, NURWIND has perfected the manufacturing process of Duduk reeds for greater consistency and quality.

    Each duduk is handmade in Armenia with particular care by Master and professional player Manvel Mnatsakanyan.

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